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A Child's Prayer by Jessie Willcox Smith, 1925 sm

A Child's Prayer by Jessie Willcox Smith, 1925

Adoration of the Magi by Lorenzo Monaco

Adoration of the Magi by Lorenzo Monaco, ca. 1409

Port St Martin by Edward Leon Cortes

Port St Martin by Edward Leon Cortes, n.d.

Packet Ship Passing Castle Williams, New York Harbor by Thomas Chambers, ca. 1850

Packet Ship Passing Castle Williams, New York Harbor by Thomas Chambers, ca. 1850

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Knit Beanie Hat Slouchy Off White Pebbly Stitch Diagonal Pattern Wool Acrylic

Knit Beanie Hat Off White Slouchy Pebbly Stitch

Knit Beanie Hat Off White Slouchy Pebbly Stitch

WhatKnot Hats on the FenceKnit Beanie Hat Slouchy Off -White Pebbly Stitch Diagonal Pattern Wool Acrylic or 100% Acrylic – For Cool, Windy Spring Days and Nights

Click on Hats on Fence or Hat Photos.

Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Off White Moss Rib

Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Off White Pebbly Rib

Knit Beanie Hat Off White Slouchy Acrylic Wool

Knit Beanie Hat Off White Slouchy Acrylic Wool

Knit Beanie Hat Off White Slouchy Winter Pattern Stitch

Navy Blue, Purple, Gray Hats with Snug Double Knit Headband Sections for Serious Warmth and Wind Resistance, Looser Overlapping Hat Stitches Above for Circulation. Reversible, Knit in the Round, No Seams.

Other Colors on Request. Knit from Brown Sheep Company Yarn, Produced in Mitchell, Nebraska, U.S.A.

Knit Beanie Hat Ski Wool Mohair Purple Gray

Knit Beanie Hat Ski Navy Gray Wool Mohair Headband

Chunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Rust Red Brown Burnt Orange

WhatKnot Hats on the Fence

Warm Color for January Cold – Chunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown, Burnt Umber, Texas Longhorns, Burnt Orange – Stretchy, Cushiony, Light Feel. Reversible, Acrylic or Acrylic Wool – Other Colors on Request.

Click on Hats on Fence or Hat Photos.

Chunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown Orange IIChunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown Orange I

Make it Blue Knit Rib Stitch Slouchy or Apres Ski Beanie Hat

WhatKnot Hats on the FenceHand Knit Navy and Cape Cod Blue Rib Stitch Slouchy or Apres Ski Beanie Hat. Men’s, Women’s, Teens’ Sizes. Reversible. Knit in the Round without Seams. Pom Pom That Buttons In or Out. Other Colors on Request.

Click on Hats on Fence or Hat Photos.

Knit Beanie Ski Hat Navy Cape Cod Blue Rib Slouchy PomKnit Beanie Ski Hat Navy Cape Cod Blue Rib Slouchy Pom

WhatKnot Knit Crocheted Beanies Hats Headbands Head Wraps Dress Sports Casual

WhatKnot Hats on the Fence

Warm Color for January Cold – Chunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown, Burnt Umber, Texas Longhorns, Burnt Orange – Stretchy, Cushiony, Light Feel. Reversible, Acrylic or Acrylic Wool – Other Colors on Request.

Click on the Hats on the Fence or Hat Photos.

Chunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown Orange IIChunky Knit Beanie Slouchy Hat Knotted Rib Rust Red Brown Orange I

Snow Days – Chunky Knit Beanie, Ivory / Off-White Apres Ski Hat with Detachable Pom Pom in White, Turmeric, or Mix of Both

New, handmade with 100% acrylic yarn or wool/acrylic combo. Pom pom buttons into either side. Knit in the round – no back seam.

Knit Beanie Hat Pom Ski White Ivory Turmeric

New for Winter 2015 – Slouchy and Ski-Style Beanies, Hats in Chunky Chain Spill and Ribbed Stitching – Turmeric.

Crocheted Slouch Hats in Varying Patterns and Thick Puffs of Yarn or Nubby Homespun Style  – Purple and Lavender Shades, Multicolor Tan, Red, Copper, Off-White.

Other colors available in all types.

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Purple Apres Ski HatCrochet Slouchy Beanie Purple Apres Ski Hat smCrochet Slouchy Beanie Purple Apres Ski Hat Back


2016 Fleece Beanie Gaiter Combo Set – Slouch Hat in Muddy Gray and Brown.
Gray material has a polished sheen: wear for sports or dress. Choose a size larger for more slouch and to double over reversible gaiter. Click on the Hats for more information and to order.

Fleece Beanie Slouchy Gaiter Combo Gray Brown Hat
Fleece Beanie Slouchy Gaiter Combo Gray Brown Hat

Fleece Beanie Gaiter Brown Gray SlouchyFleece Beanie Gaiter Gray Brown Slouchy Back

Knit Hat Fleece Neck Gaiter Mimosa Yellow Aqua Gray Green

Fleece Beanie Neck Gaiter Set Aqua Yellow Gray Green

Loom-knit, sunny-colored hat, reversible. No seams. Cuff is knit into place.

Fleece beanie in wave pattern, aqua, mimosa yellow, gray, white, bright green, with cuff. Can be worn as tall ski beanie or with cuff turned up.

Color matching fleece gaiters in zigzag or wave patterns are double layers, reversible For more details and to order small, medium, or large sizes, CLICK the photos.

Fleece beanie and neck gaiter set in gray and blue. Hat has doubled cuff for headband warmth. Gaiter is double-layered, reversible. Request sizes custom made by measurement. For details and to order, click photos or  here.

New, extra-thick loom-knit cowl / neckwrap, neckwarmer. Blue, fuschia pink, green, orange, purplish gray, mohair-like yarn. Three buttons to adjust shape and fit. Warm and washable. 100% acrylic.  For sledding, hiking, dress, skating, skiing.

For Details and to ORDER, CLICK the photos.

Oh So Light Knit Beanie Cowl Neckwrap Set

Carefree, Featherlight Baby Yarn and Colors for an Oh, Baby! Look

Thick, cotton wrapped yarn handknit into a go-anywhere beanie and cowl neckwarmer. Mix with jackets, sweaters, tops & leggings, jeans, cropped pants, skirts, dresses, indoors and out.

Wear as Mother-Daughter set, cowl as a headband for Mom, beanie for Daughter. Request custom child beanie and adult headband sizes and prices by email or phone, $28 to $38.

For More Colors, Details, and to ORDER, CLICK the Photo.

Knit Headbands, Neckwarmers, Cowls, Beanies – Wool, Mohair Basket Weave - Soft, Springy Warmth

For Details, More Colors, and to ORDER, CLICK the pictures or here: Basket-Weave Headband/Neckwarmer, Beanie or Cowl.


Surveying the United States of America – History of the American Land Surveyor on the Great Plains of Nebraska – Surveying the Sandhills in 1904Art Prints of Oil Painting by Mel Gerhold

A limited edition of 1000 new, full-color commercial lithograph prints on heavy archival paper. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist. Stored in cool, dark, smoke-free environment.

In 1984 Rollin C. Curd of Chadron, Nebraska, commissioned an original oil painting by Mel Gerhold, who lived at that time on a small ranch near Crawford, Nebraska. Mr. Curd, a surveyor with the Bureau of Reclamation, Soil Conservation Service, and U.S. Forest Service for 34 years, was in private practice in Chadron and was also the Dawes County surveyor. He had looked for some time for paintings and drawings of the American surveyor in the West with little success.

Mel Gerhold, who has become well known for his works in private and public collections in the U.S. and abroad, had called to arrange for a land boundary survey. In the course of their discussion Mr. Curd learned that he was a painter of Western subjects. They agreed to an exchange – the survey for a painting of a surveyor at work in Nebraska based on a photograph from Rollin Curd’s collection. In 1984 and 1985 the survey and painting were completed.

The painting offers a typical view of a surveyor at work following the opening of the Sand Hills to homesteaders by the Kinkaid Act of 1904. The surveyor is operating a compass and waving his hat to give line for chainmen. The scene is taken from a photograph of a survey crew measuring forest boundaries in the Nebraska Sandhills in 1902. They were preparing for the manual planting of a national forest near Halsey, Nebraska. The surveyor depicted in the painting is Louis C. Miller from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

A synopsis of the story behind the painting is enclosed with each print:

“On July 1, 1901, seven Forestry students met in Kearney, NE, to begin a reconnaissance survey of the Sandhills and Western Nebraska to determine the feasibility of planting trees in the sandhills. They purchased a covered wagon, grub box, mules, saddle horses, camping equipment and food; then traveled westerly up the Platte and North Platte River Valleys, observing the location and size of Pine and Cedar trees. . . .”

The painting is rare for several reasons. Mr. Gerhold paints for himself and accepts commissions. He almost never paints from a photograph. As Mr. Curd had learned, paintings of land surveyors at work were rare to non-existent. He writes about the early Nebraska surveyor in the dedication of his book, p. iv,

A History of the Boundaries of Nebraska and Indian-Surveyor Stories, The Boundaries Publishing Company, Chadron, Nebraska, 1999:

Their notes and plats are filed in the courthouses of 93 counties. Little has been written of their personal trials and hardships.

Many of these men were Civil War veterans. Some were schooled from Eastern colleges, some from West Point, some from the military Corps of Engineers, some from on-the-job training. Their surveys marked on the ground the Rectangular System that provided monuments for homesteaders to build their fences and receive a deed of ownership from the United States Government. For the immigrants, who had little opportunity to own land in their native countries, the American dream could be fulfilled.

The early surveyors wore rough cotton clothing and boots. Frequent rain, hail, and snowstorms drove them to dig holes in the sand or cower under big trees, but not many trees were available. The cook wagon and tents were the only shelter in most camps. The compassman, chainmen, and moundsmen were often caught by storms during the dawn to dusk workday, miles from camp. They had to carry water in a canteen but could not carry enough on a hot day. Springs and streams were scarce in Western Nebraska. Chewing on grass to bring up saliva could help when canteen was dry. The Indians and fur traders could travel the river valleys, but the surveyors had to measure each square mile of our State up and down hills. Their footsteps, like ghosts of the past crossing the prairies, preceded the fence builders.

Surveyors did not carry first-aid kits in those days. The prairie rattler would strike if startled. The men had to carry rifles and ammunition in Indian country. With a canteen, chain, pins, stakes, shovels, and compass, the survey crew walked in excess of 20 miles per day. Their meals were monotonous, with biscuits, bacon, beans, and coffee. In September, they could find wild plums, chokecherries, and sand cherries.

Families did not accompany the survey crew. They were separated from April to November with no telephones or mail service.

The prints are 16″ x 20″ and ship in a heavy flat cardboard mailer or tube. They are $40.00, with nominal $1.00 shipping to U.S. addresses. FOR DETAILS AND TO ORDER, CLICK HERE

To learn about the extraordinary place called the Sandhills of Nebraska, visit  Sandhills Journey


The Grand Canal, Venice by Thomas Moran, 1903

The Clock Turned Back – Digital Inkjet Prints from Photos of the Originals and Old Prints – with the Vibrant Colors of Art Newly Painted by the Masters.


TO PREVIEW THE PRINT COLORS AND PAPER OF FULL-SIZE ANTIQUE ART REPRODUCTION PRINTS, consider ordering postcard miniatures. Postcards are full-color, on the same archival matte paper used for prints, with legend and address sections on back. Click on link to order:

Rough Breaks Artisan Breads and Baked Goods



Rough Breaks Artisan BreadTM
Rough Breaks CupcakesTM



Helena, Montana, Farmers’ Market on Fuller Avenue – 2nd (south) block, next to Wells Fargo Bank ATM, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or until sold out. Saturdays, April through November. Check here for Saturday menu and store-closed notices.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wheat-based – No Additives or Preservatives

Artisan Bread – Baked fresh morning of market. No dairy, No fats, No added sugar. May be brushed with olive oil

Cinnamon Rolls

Pies – Baked and Frozen for future use or Fresh Baked Call 406-442-2176 to place orders and pre-pay, if more than one pie is ordered. Orders may only be picked up at the market.

Pink Adobe Apple Pie – With raisins, walnuts, butter sauce – $26.00
Salted Caramel Apple Pie – $24.00
Honeycrisp Apples Macintosh Apple Pie – $22.00
Peach Blueberry Lime Pie – $24.00

No-Dairy, No Wheat – No Additives or Preservatives
Applesauce Raisin Bars – From homegrown apples – no pesticides or artificial fertilizers
Ginger Snaps



Artisan Breads – Herb and Plain
No Fats, No Added Sugars

Plain, Dill, Rosemary Thyme,
Tomato Basil, Pesto Tomato

Rustic bread using unbleached flours and wheat blends. Can be pulled apart or sliced. Does not dry out like French Bread. Has a dense moist texture that slices for sandwiches without crumbling. Toasts into crusty bread.


Herb-topped and Plain


Apricot Pineapple, Chokecherry, Strawberry, Boysenberry, Raspberry, Blueberry

Unbleached flours, mashed potatoes, butter, and whole milk for tender, light rolls topped with fruit jams and jellies. Drizzled with fresh-squeezed orange juice, powdered sugar glaze.

Cinnamon Rolls
Ginger Snaps
Banana Bread
Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apple and Strawberry Pies


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes
Lemon Coconut Cupcakes
Applesauce Bars
Banana Bread
Ginger Snaps
Blueberry Muffins

Apple and Strawberry Pies



Baby Carriage Cupcake Cake Design

Starting Point

Baby Carriage Cupcake Cake Layout

30" by 30" Foam Core Board with Water-, Grease-proof Cover

Baby Shower Cupcake Cake Silver and Polka Dot Liners

Silver and Paper Liners

Baby Shower Cupcake Cake Ready to Cover for Transport

Ready to Cover for Transport

For Handcrafted Soaps, Scrubs, Lotion Bars, Salves and Lip Balms, visit Every Good Gift Montana at the Helena Farmers’ Market on the south block, and on Etsy -

Every Good Gift Montana LR Soap

Lavender and Rosemary Soap

Beef Stew Recipe Non-Gluten No Potatoes No Peppers No Corn No Soy

There are no tomatoes in this recipe either. Like any stew, it has lots of room for substitution and variation. It doesn’t require a thickener because the vegetables absorb the extra liquids. The thin gravy is full of rich meat flavor.

1/2 to 1 lb. cross-rib roast meat. Trim fat and cut into 3/4 to 1-inch cubes.

Slice onion into slivers – quantity to suit – 3/4 cup is a good beginning. Brown in large skillet or dutch oven 5 to 10 minutes on medium low.

Add 3 cloves sliced, mashed garlic. Cook a few minutes and add 1/2 to 1 cup of sliced mushrooms. Cook until soft. Remove all from pan and add meat cubes.

Sprinkle about 1 1/2 tsp. kosher or sea salt, and 1/4 tsp. fresh ground black pepper over meat. Stir.

Brown meat on all sides. Return onion mix to pot and add 2 cups beef, chicken, or turkey broth. Giblet broth is the best!!!

Add some sliced carrots, a bay leaf and 1 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce (Commercial sauces may contain corn, soy, and chili powder. To avoid all nightshades and corn, make your own Worcestershire Sauce and substitute black pepper, cumin, and oregano for chili powder. Recipe here: )


4 anchovies and a piece of salt pork or 2 slices bacon. (From Best Beef Stew. America’s Test Kitchen Season 11: Dutch Oven Classics . 4 February 2016. )

Cover and simmer all together until carrots are almost tender. Add chopped broccoli and and cauliflower and cook covered on low heat until tender. Season to taste with more salt and pepper. Remove bay leaf. Cool a few minutes and serve.

Copyright © 2016 by Blue and White House Publishing & HomeKind Co. All Rights Reserved. You may print or copy for personal use. Please attribute to Blue and White House Publishing & HomeKind Co., Helena, Montana and link back to this post.