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Knit Beanie Hat Ski Navy Gray Wool Mohair Double Knit Headband

Knit Beanie Hat Ski Navy Blue Gray Wool Mohair Double Knit Headband Color Patterning

New, reversible, color knitted beanie without stranding. Knit in the round, no back seam.The headband section is 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches, depending on size, and closely knit in two layers for very cold winter warmth. The looser stitches of the single layer above allow for use in warmer weather. Women’s, men’s, teens’ sizes. Outdoor sports style and durability.

85% wool, 15% mohair. Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. Lamb’s Pride Yarn – Spun & dyed by Brown Sheep Company, Inc., Mitchell, Nebraska. Permanently moth-proofed.

Headband section, because of double knit, fits very firmly and close around head.
Small: Circumference of 19″ stretches to 22″. Height 8″. Best fits 19″ to 21″ head measurement.
Medium: Circumference of 21″ stretches to 24″. Height: 9″. Best fits 21″ to 23″ head measurement.
Large: Circumference of 23″ stretches to 26″. Height 10″. Best fits 23″ to 25″ head measurement.

Other colors, sizes on request.

Knit Beanie Hat Ski Navy Gray Wool Mohair – Reverse Side

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